The ability to recruit and retain brand champions is testament to your brand’s success.

Champions of BrandED

“Rex Whisman understands branding in settings like education like no one I have ever met. He stands out through his passion and his keen understanding of how to develop an authentic message that differentiates in a sea of sameness. Beyond being a thought leader, Rex is a uniquely warm, kind and caring professional. Rex delivers results and elevates the individuals and brands that are smart enough to draw from his talents and others at the BrandED Consultants Group.”

Joseph Michelli, Ph.D.
Author, Driven to Delight

Driven to Delight


“The BrandED Consultants Group was a vital partner with La Salle University in assessing the comprehensive brand status of our 150 year-old University. Based on the disciplined, authentic and strategic insights uncovered by BrandED and its team of consultants, we worked step-by-step on improving our brand-related footprint in the highly competitive east coast higher education market and beyond.”

John F. Dolan
Former Vice President for Enrollment
La Salle University of Philadelphia
La Salle


“I am a great fan of Rex Whisman. It's no surprise to me that Rex has been successful in transforming institutions of higher education. As an academic myself, I can imagine the difficulty Rex must surely face in trying to encourage universities to consider the benefits of branding. We're a slow moving industry in love with our traditions. I think his success is due to the fact that he has a heart to match the size of his brain - both big. People embrace and understand the smart initiatives he recommends.”

Kit Yarrow
Chair, Department of Psychology
Golden Gate University
Author, Decoding the New Consumer Mind

Decoding the New Consumer Mind


“Product branding is learned in Marketing 101 classes, but branding an organization in the public sector, such as universities and government agencies, takes a seasoned professional team to shape an entire culture and way of being from the inside-out. We are grateful to the BrandED Consultants Group for their guidance in shaping our brand into the consumer protection department that we aspire to be.”

Karen Gerwitz
Former Director of Communications
Department of Regulatory Agencies