Our Core Competencies

A Compelling Brand Story

Team members of the BrandED Consultants Group are recognized as pioneers in brand strategy development and digital media execution. BrandED was founded in 2005 and at the time, the majority of institutions—and identity consultants—limited their brand initiatives to an advertising campaign, a new logo or tagline. BrandED helped change the paradigm and as a result is largely responsible for bridging the gap between corporate and nonprofit branding.

Rex Whisman, founder and chief strategist, leads the team of thought leaders and brings more than 25 years’ experience in brand development, communications, marketing and media relations. Whisman has published extensively on these topics and is a frequent speaker at conferences—worldwide. He brings a global view to branding and is recognized for introducing the concept of “branding from the inside out.”  

BrandED ensures that our clients are empowered with the tools to operate like a startup business by connecting with the right investors to fund their organizations and employees who understand how to solve complex problems. BrandED’s work results in quantifiable outcomes like increased customers, improved retention, spikes in giving rates and returns on investment, as well as intangible successes including operationalized strategic plans, collaborative cultures and sustainable brands.