We will develop an authentic brand platform that guides all decision making and operationalizes your strategic plan.

Branding Process

BrandED’s focus in on our client’s mission, core values and stakeholders. Whether developing, implementing, executing or measuring a resultant brand strategy, we are guided by our progressive model of the Six Cs of Branding—core values, connection, conversation, collaboration, community and culture. BrandED can initiate a strategy and execution at whatever point a client is positioned within the brand development process. Our contemporary approach defines the branding process as organic rather than lockstep.

Antiquated marketing models proposed by traditional agencies, apply “one-size-fits-all” tactics based on the Four Ps of Marketing—product, price place and promotion—first professed over half a century ago. BrandED recognizes that clients need the flexibility to embrace a brand strategy at a distinctive junction unique to each institution. Some organizations may need to begin at commencement and attack declining achievements with a change in thinking and prescription. Other institutions may have already implemented an advertising campaign, including tag lines and new logo—a tactic that stalled at a predictable benchmark with disappointing results. Because branding is a continuum, BrandED comes into the process at any point to “refresh” previous efforts.

The components of the adaptive sequence professed by BrandED for brand development include: